Phil Kesler

The Monday I moved back to Ottawa, I decided to go out.  Had no real plan of where I’d go, so I got in my car and drove downtown.  While on Murray Street, I passed by the black door of Rainbow.  Decided to drop in.  Turns out it was open mic night.  That was when I heard Phil Kesler for the first time.  I asked for his info.  Told me about his Soundcloud account, so I checked it out.  I liked what I heard, so I let him know that I was a musician and would be down to jam.  He took me up on the offer.  Months have passed, and I’m working on a few singles with him, lending my bass and my voice on the tracks.  Good thing I told him his open mic set was good back in August.  Definitely didn’t see a musical relationship berthed from it.

I’ll post when the new music is here.  Look out for Phil on the open mic circuit around the 613.  You won’t be disappointed!


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