With so many social media outlets, its hard to keep them all current and afloat.  But since I’m paying for this one, I should probably give it some more love!

Its been a quiet ride on the music front for me.  A few performances, a few songwriting sessions, a couple sessions.  Its one thing to be an artist and play a lead instrument (acoustic guitar, piano), but when you play an instrument that holds the weight, its a lot harder.  Not too many people want to hear someone do a set with the bass as the lead.  Anyway, not complaining. Its a different way forward for the percussionists/backbeaters.

Did a double last night with Phil.  Played Elgin, then the Royal Oak.  Open mic, yes.  But always beneficial to play for different crowds.  Both were impressed and wanted more.  Look out for us around Cap City!


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