Dalton was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario.  He began singing at 4 years old with his church choir.  He was a member of the Ottawa Board of Education Children’s Choir in his pre-adolescent stage, having the opportunity to sing at the Cenotaph for the national Remembrance Day ceremony.  As his voice began to crack, he left the OBECC and joined with Baobab Youth Performers, a group who specializes in West African Music.

It was in his teens when he was introduced to the bass.

Dalton was playing the bass weekly as well as singing at his home church, a rare combination.

Dalton has had many opportunities to play bass for multiple music teams throughout the years.  He is also a R.A.C. (Recording Arts Canada) graduate, with his diploma in Sound and Music Engineering.

Dalton’s bass playing is in a continual state of refinement.  He plays comfortably in rock, pop, blues, AC, country settings as well as private lessons.  Music needs a strong foundation.  Dalton provides that with his bassing.

The Bass is the Place.