//NOT ENOUGH BASS//Ray Charles – I Believe To My Soul

I’m on social media a fair bit.  Insta, Facebook and Twitter to be more specific.  As a bass player, I like to follow musicians and fellow bassists.  Whenever I watch a bassist on Youtube or instagram, I’m always amazed at what I hear.  Chops for days!!  I personally am not a chopster, so I steered clear of posting my bass playing since it wasn’t like what I was running into.  Then, I saw Victor Wooten in an interview and he exhorted the chopsters:

‘Even more than we show the chops, we need to show that we can play bass.  That we can support, that we can listen, that we know how to play behind a singer’.

Green light.

//NOT ENOUGH BASS// is a series of videos of me playing bass to tracks I enjoy.  I removed the original bass lines, and added my own.  If I did it right, you can’t really tell that my playing is independent of the music.  Hope you enjoy them!

Ray Charles.  The man with no genre.

In The Kitchen

Back in the 90’s, I was a big fan of Gotee Records.  Loved their artists, album artwork and their website.  At the time, they had the best label site, hands down.  One of my favourite parts of the site was a section called ‘In The Kitchen’.  On the page, they would have a list of all the albums that were being worked on, and they would tell you what stage in the process they were at.  They’d have a horizontal thermometer that would inch closer as the albums were completed.  I’d check daily to see it pan to the right as Relient K, Out of Eden, Grits and others finish their work.

I wish I knew how to do that.  I’d have a thermometer to show right now.

Been working on a project with a videographer friend of mine.  As a bass player, its difficult to stick out in the sea that is the internet.  I came up with an idea to try and present my skills in a manner that I haven’t seen much of in cyberspace.  The picture is a screenshot of what we accomplished and I’m extremely impressed.  Unfortunately, its not ready yet.  Still needs some time to bake before bringing it to the table for consumption.  Until then folks!